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Boat Projects Completed



New fuel tank fuel gauge

All new rigging wire (upsized to ¼” on mizzen) with swage fittings aloft & Sta- Loks at  deck level (except headstay – re-used existing Norseman fittings)

Converted split backstay to double backstays, one with SSB insulators

New lifelines

Masthead tri-color / anchor light, LED

Red (75% cuprous oxide) Pettit Trinidad antifouling paint

Wind scoop

Spare fuel jugs

Hurricane lamp & mineral spirits

66 lb Manta claw anchor, 50’ 3/8" G4 galvanized chain, 200' 5/8" 3-strand nylon rode

Mooring shock absorbers

Install Furuno radar


Removed old spinnaker pole deck mounts

Moved Danforth anchor bracket and anchor from bow to stern pushpit

Removed stern light bracket

Repositioned primary winches further aft

Removed cleat on starboard cockpit coaming

Serviced (disassembled, cleaned and lubricated) both primary winches

Removed, cleaned and lubricated secondary winches

Shaved hatch boards to relieve jamming

Patched inflatable dinghy

Replaced spark plugs in outboard Installed fuel filter in outboard

Inspected and re-folded all sails

Serviced mainsail halyard winch

Designed / fabricated sheet guard for diesel heater chimney

Washed all dirty lines

Removed old name letters from transom with heat gun & cleaned left over glue

Freed up the stern ladder stand-offs using PB Blaster, installed rubber tips

Measured lifelines for replacement order

Replaced outboard motor throttle cables

Rebuilt outboard motor carburetor

Repaired mid-ship companionway sliders

Rebuilt holding tank manual overboard pump

Designed and fabricated new handle for moveable hand pump

Re-bed miscl. holes near dodger and cockpit

Serviced 2 more winches

Washed, folded and stowed dinghy

Loosened rigging and had both masts un-stepped by crane

Assembled old wind generator to sell

Removed starboard dorade box and silicone’d under there

Removed rigging from un-stepped main and mizzen masts and measured for replacements

Removed all old lights and fixtures from both masts

Removed/sold TV antenna & mounting bracket

Removed propeller & pulled prop shaft

Cut & beat out the old cutlass bearing

Scrubbed & waxed topsides

Removed most thru-hulls and super-serviced all of them

Cut the number of thru-hulls in boat by half & hired Jerry Evans to seal old holes with layered fiberglass

Cleaned, sanded, taped and painted cove stripes and boot stripes

Cleaned and sanded the prop shaft

Put prop shaft back in

Painted interior of thru-hull fiberglass patches that Jerry installed

Drilled and epoxy-coated hole in rudder for emergency steering lines

Jacked up the davits for the welder to beef up davit arms with flatbar braces

Removed, cleaned and silicone'd chainplate covers

Repaired autopilot plug

Rocky applied new name decals on the transom

Waxed the transom and the new name

Pulled old electrical wires from both masts and ran messengers

Cleaned the VHF antenna connector

Installed / re-installed freshly serviced thru-hulls

Installed heavy duty anchoring U-bolt in stemhead, w/massive ss backing plate

Disassembled Harken roller furler drum

Tapered old headstay for installation of new headstay

Wet-sanded boat bottom with coarse (black) 3M scrubbers

Sanded and painted Jerry’s newly gel-coated patches

- Ground back around strut base checking for bolts

Repaired water-soaked hull spots: ground out, dried & rebuild fiberglass 

Repacked rudderpost stuffing box

Installed the new headstay in Harken extrusions & re-assembled

Mounted new stern light bracket on mizzen masthead

Mounted new tricolor bracket on main masthead

Attached eye straps to main spreaders for flag halyards & lazy jack lines

Filled various mast holes with JB Weld

Installed new spreader lights, one swivel mount & one fixed

New spreader boots

Riveted radar mount to mainmast

Bolted custom wind generator mount on mizzen mast

Installed new cutlass bearing

Had propeller re-pitched & reconditioned, and reinstalled it on the shaft

Installed new shaft zinc

Installed raw water intake strainers (engine and sea chest intakes)

Designed/fabricated/installed removable air conditioner box over main salon

Cleaned & oiled teak in cockpit area

Designed/fabricated pedestal gearshift upgrade

Completely rewired both masts, bundling wires in foam rubber tubes


Cockpit cushions of closed cell foam & Sunbrella: (5) hatch screens, (3) lee cloths.  Sunbrella covers for primary sheet winches, GPS, compass, scanner screen

Large main boom Sunbrella awning/rain catcher

Enlarge hole in mainmast for radome cable: 1-5/8” x 5/8”

Enlarge hole in mizzen mast for 10g wind gen cable: 1-1/8” x ½”

Bond new seacock (clean other bonds)

Mount: 2nd spreader light, steaming and stern lights

Pre-wire steaming light & mizzen stern light w/ disconnect fittings

Attach 12g wire split to 10g spreader lights wire

Strip shield off 6g wire 6” above mizzen mast base

Cut new halyards

Install new mizzen mast electrical wires

Deck plate over old hole in aft coaming

Design/fabricate PVC hawse pipe for stern anchor

Wire Air-X wind generator,

Remove and lube masthead sheaves

Connect all main mast electric wires

Battery-test all mast lights while masts are still down

Epoxy-coat step area inside mainmast's base

Ospho, prime & paint mainmast step in bilge

Install all new main and mizzen mast stays, shrouds & halyards

Fabricated necessary tangs, toggles & link plates

Design/fabricate/install custom, heavy-duty backstay fittings

Re-install mizzen step plate

Re-step both masts

Install booms, etc

New winch handle holster

Installed flag halyard & lazy jack shroud cleats

Shorten headstay & re-install

Adjust/set all spreader angles

Mount RadioLabs wi-fi antenna on shroud

Install new opening portholes in shower & aft cabin

Fix leaks in holding tank discharge pump

Nicopress new main & mizzen topping lifts

Bed fuel fill deck fitting cap rail area

Masthead: triadic

Re-fill compass fluid

Install main-masthead windex

Clean mizzen sheet and running backstay lines

Seize on new davit lines

Splice on new main sheet traveler lines

Install rigging toggle extensions on main shrounds, etc

Tighten roller forestay

Seize eye/thimble in genoa halyard

Seize eye/snap shackle in mizzen halyard

Bend on sails

Wash running backstays & mizzen sheet

Sailmaker: Sunbrella covers on both genoas, re-furbish mainsail, replace broken track car on mizzen. Also repaired kayak seat straps

Made up custom lazy jacks

Extended upper tang plates for backstays

Clean up starboard cockpit locker, including wiring runs

Clean/paint small mushroom anchor

Barbara: mainsail & mizzen sail covers

Installed awning backhaul block on mizzen mast

Build workbench for new slip on the main pier

Sand & resin-coat Loran antenna

Clamp & seize all spreaders

Raise wi-fi antenna

Remove/stow air conditioner & boom awning for the winder

Fabricate spray dodger hardtop

Paint anchor marker buoy

Extend pedestal throttle handle linkage

Build dock box as per new marina regulation

Design/measure for mast pulpits

New plywood lazarette forward bulkhead

Rebuild fuel gauge viewing port

Clean, Ospho & paint fuel tank top, mostly on starboard side

Replace/re-bed fuel gauge viewing portlight

Design/fabricate bimini framework !

Design/order mast pulpits

Clean/refurbish Dickinson BBQ

Remove/paint/sell old manual windlass

Install bow pulpit port/std running light

Re-bed bow pulpit mount

Wire fish zinc to mizzen shroud

Replace O-ring in heater’s diesel deck fill

Streamline air conditioning installation

Chain Locker / Foredeck / Electric Windlass / Deck Washdown

Materials & Tools:

¼” aluminum plate x 38” x 18”

3/8” high grade (untreated) exterior plywood, 24” x 32”

Deck access plate, up to 12” OD

10 cc measuring syringes from pharmacy (MEK will erase lines; mark w/tape!)

Plank for running light

Fiberglass roller (“bubble buster”)

 (6) 1½”  ss countersink bolts, ¼ x 20

(2) ½” planks for divider: 38” x 16” and 26” x 16”

¼” high grade (untreated) exterior plywood, 24” x 32” for deck core

40’ ¾” high-pressure water for washdown pump

¾” 40-50-mesh raw water strainer

¾”-to-garden-hose thru-deck fitting for washdown pump

1¼”-thick teak mounting pad, 12” x 9” (salvage from old windlass’ block)

1 can of 407 thickener

Gel coat touchup kit

KiwiGrip deck paint

2nd anchor chain deck pipe

7/16” galvanized shackle for claw anchor

Job Steps:

Remove/paint/sell manual windlass:

Remove chain/rode from chain locker & store

Set new windlass up on deck for pondering. Check manual for shaft length, etc, etc.

Cut out old mounting block with sawzall (tie up so it won’t crash down into locker!)

Remove vent cowl vent & base

Trim vent tube under cowl vent

Drill pulpit & cap rail and run wire for new fwd running light

Connect running light wires

Pull old running lights & seal holes from inside with ‘glass backing pad

Epoxy-seal all exposed deck edges & old drill holes

Divide chain locker using several removable planks held in place with side blocks

Install PVC wire & water hose conduits into chain locker

Install wire running boards in upper chain locker

Install washdown pump & wiring

Install windlass control box & wiring

Run wires for windlass, from battery to motor location.

Plug upper locker overboard drain hole & drill drain hole down into chain locker

Check angle of windlass so 2nd anchor chain clears deck pipe as it leads to the gypsy

Seal all raw wood shelf edges w/resin

Epoxy-seal edges of upper shelf drain hole

Install washdown deck fitting

Washdown pump plumbing

Cut mahogany slab for windlass mounting pad

Cut back deck lip only where aluminum plate will be (18” section, both sides)

Sand/clean underside of deck for aluminum plank

Plug chain locker bottom drain hole

Epoxy/glass bottom of chain locker for perfect drainage

Drill port/starboard drain holes

Glass-over / fill-in old cowl vent hole & water deck fill hole

Grind remaining lip corners to bare glass

Grind out 2” from edge all around using 24-grit disc, but beveled gradually up to existing deck level

Seal exposed balsa core with epoxy

Cut/fit/bend aluminum plate

Camber aluminum plate (run over it with the truck!)

Rough up upward side of plate

Drill bolt holes in plate

Secure (tie-wrap) deckwash pump hose under V-berth edge

Run deckwash pump hose thru PVC guard pipe and thru the bilge to the seachest

Install windlass breaker switch

Seal upper corners of main bulkhead against water intrusion

Cut 3/16” plywood to fit over entire hole

Clamp plywood to plate’s camber & ‘glass to hold it

Pre-drill oversize bolt holes in deck and fill with epoxy

Clean/acetone underside of deck for aluminum plate

Epoxy & bolt aluminum plate up under deck with resin thickened with 404 (thru-bolt with countersunk bolts)

Epoxy-tab PVC water hose shield under V-berth

Wrench-tighten plate thru-bolts when epoxy has set

Trim plywood filler piece edges back ¼” all around for goop
Bevel bottom edge slightly for curve of lip

Plywood filler piece fiberglass lay-up schedule:

- Bottom of plywood: 1 layer mat + 2nd layer mat on sections beyond aluminum plate

- Top of plywood: mat, mat, roving, mat, roving, mat, mat (7 layers = ¼”)

(leave 2” all around edges for final taping to deck, only 1 layer mat to the edge)

Final acetone wipe-down

Coat aluminum surface & lip with 404-thickened resin and set panel in place w/ weights

Goop over (seal) countersink bolt heads

Run fan when grinding fiberglass, and put on baby powder beforehand!

Mark deck all around to show where windlass will finally mount when deck is sealed!

Glass all around panel with 4 strips of mat, feathering out on main deck bevel

Final panel build-up: mat, roving, mat, mat

Finish & pre-drill mounting pad for windlass

Coat mounting pad’s chain deck pipe wall with 404-thickened epoxy

Over-drill mounting pad bolt & sensor holes, fill with epoxy, and re-drill

Final foredeck fairings with resin thickened with WS 407, using fairing stick & long 2x4 sanding block

Last foredeck patch overcoat with clear epoxy

Scuff-sand and paint foredeck patch with 2 coats white enamel paint

Sand & re-drill bolt & sensor holes of windlass mounting pad, try on for size

Epoxy coat windlass mounting pad

Run deckwash pump power (red) wire to nav station panel

Grind away old non-skid around all new holes

Drill/cut all windlass thru-deck holes & epoxy inside edges

- Mount windlass 2 ½” to port of centerline & 28” back from the forward non-skid line

- Drive shaft is only 1¼” – needs 1½” hole

Sand & paint windlass mounting pad (over the epoxy), 2 coats min. on sides

Bed windlass mounting pad with Rope Caulk & mount windlass

Install windlass foot switches, etc.

Attach motor, hook up wires, etc

Final trim/fit divider boards

Cut hole & install second anchor deck pipe

Rope-to-chain splices on both anchor rodes

Install 2nd anchor rode & chain & shackle to claw anchor

Install deck cleat to port of windlass for port anchor chain

Put stoppers on anchor rode bitter ends in chain locker, port & starboard

Make/mount running light mounting plank & bracket (with 8° downward tilt to compensate for pulpit’s upswept angle)

Move main sheet winch & cleats
Trim dodger bolts

Mount cross plank & nav light on pulpit

Mount BBQ on new bracket

Chafe straps on forward deck awning ties

Mount mast pulpits

Build Clearwire modem/antenna “birdhouse” & temp mount on mainmast

Fit battens to dodger windshield

Snaps (bedded) on windlass base for Sunbrella cover

Replace starboard car-track cleat bolts

Replace missing wood plugs in cap rail
Dry out & seal port spreader light

Replace/re-mount cockpit speakers

   Re-attach port pull strap
   Bimini top
   Dodger/bimini connector piece
   Dodger batten sleeves
   Bimini tent fly

Renee – strip/sand/clean/oil exterior teak, 55.5 hours

Tape off foredeck for non-skid painting

KiwiGrip paint foredeck

Put sealer into inflatable dinghy

Glue dodger trim at entry

Superglue dinghy valve casing

New mainmast boot

ScotchGuard forepeak slip covers

Pull/clean forward hatch Nicro vent

Replace old 3” Nicro solar vent over galley with new 4” unit
Bed leading edge of dodger hardtop

Assemble wind generator & mount on mizzen mast

Connect all Air-X wiring

Tape over exposed wires at back of running lights and wind generator

Wash/flush/test both Sun Showers

Install dodger battens  

Renee - Compound/wax all smooth gelcoat surfaces -  cockpit, deck & coachhouse = 17 hrs.

Put up lazy jacks

Aim port spreader light forward

Replace 4 spreader tie-wraps w/new black

Remove windlass gypsy guide arm

Cut out access hole at stem head to get at anchor roller bolts

Relocate deck washdown fitting starboard

Remove anchor rollers. Repair wood underneath starboard anchor roller, replace some of the long wood screws with short ones for bit bolt washers. Remount anchor rollers angled slightly outboard to align with windlass

Switch 150’ NACM chain for 150’ ISO

Long rope/chain splice to new chain

Replace leaky dinghy valve

Check out / fire up outboard motor

Replace broken wind generator blades

Lash fuel jugs on port/starboard rails

Clean outboard carburetor & spark plugs

Taped & re-stitched torn genoa with Wayne (10 hours)

Hose-blast holding tank vent lines

Wayne: Sun shade panel

Open/unclog all scupper hoses, bilge pump hose & head sink drain

Remove frozen (former) genoa halyard mast cleat

Cut/install a deck plate over stem head hole

Cut/install a deck plate over afterdeck hole

Adjust (tighten) bimini top

Make bucket porta-potty
Wash hull with Sno-Bol
Outboard motor – fix tilt!
Pack dinghy to exchange
Check/mark helm center spoke
Record whether prop shaft is offset for pulling past skeg & rudder & which side
Install new thru-hull for toilet direct overboard discharge & connect plumbing
Fill in old running lights socket holes
Fill in erroneous anchor locker drain hole with epoxy, port side forward
Clamshell covers for chain locker drain port/starboard holes
Bill - Water-blast bottom
Clean prop shaft & strut
Scrape all loose paint off with putty knife
Open the few water blisters on forward port waterline
Sand bottom & fair where paint flaked off
Tape off & sand down old boot stripe
Send in prop for 11” pitch
Rough up smooth bottom surfaces with 40-grit
Open & acetone-dry little blisters on forward port waterline
Epoxy-fill little blisters on forward port waterline
Remount propeller, paint it and shaft with West epoxy
Install (2) new shaft zincs and stow (4) spares
Light-sand epoxy on prop & shaft, then one coat Trinidad bottom paint
Primer coat on old, sealed running light sockets
Mount genoa halyard wire winch
Make/install cover plate for stem coaming access hole
Paint over old running light sockets & touch-up cove stripe
Install garboard drain plug
in the bilge sump, epoxy-line the hole inside, epoxy over flange outside
Morgan - c
ompound/buff & wax hull
Wayne/Jim – make davit lifting strap for inflatable dink’s forward end
Cut & hinge old swim ladder
Cover garboard drain plughole with a wasp screen
Cover all deck scuppers with screens
Make/install PVC scoop/cover for holding tank vent lines
Mount windvane rudder
Hang new inflatable in davits
Shorten mizzen topping lift wire
Set mizzen boom onto bimini frame for
airvane clearance measuring purposes
Wet-sand windvane rudder & trim tab from waterline down, 60-grit
Cut & shape airvane mounting plank to fit new, welded railing plate
Epoxy & paint cut edge of mounting plate
Cut airvane mast down to 25”
- Shift davits lift points 6” higher and 6” farther aft
- Airvane mount platform, 6” (available!) x 12” x ¼” ss plate welded to bottom edge of stern rail tube (with strut vertical down to deck/coaming ??)
- Swim Ladder: weld on all 4 fittings, seal all tube ends, add stop bar across so flip-down stops short and angles outward slightly
Thru-bolt airvane ss plate strut’s base plate
Drill (over-drill, fill & re-drill) airvane mounting platform to match mounting plate
Re-paint airvane mounting platform
Charlie: Fill in/gelcoat old swim ladder holes
Re-mount swim ladder to port
Install airvane assembly & hook up to rudder trimtab
Cut/file airvane mount bolt ends
Make backing plates for Coat’s grab rails
Mount 2 grab-holds/steps above swim ladder to complete the boarding set up
Trim off bolt ends inside lazarette
Make 8” x 32” fuel jug platforms for rails, ¾” port, 3/8” starboard
Cole - Paint outboard motor cover dark green
Renee – Paint dinghy white
Orange paint highlights & RI reg. numbers on dinghy
Photo finished drain plug
Bottom Paint
- Paint prop & shaft with West epoxy, then Petit Trinidad antifouling
- Tape, sand & wipe down old boot stripe top line
- Re-paint boot stripe using primer first, but a thinner line, i.e., raise the waterline 1”
- Wipe down windvane rudder/trip-tab with acetone, then 1st coat Petit Trinidad
- Petit Trinidad on all bare spots
- Rinse bottom, wash keel below galley sink drain!
- Do first coat
- Add tetracycline only to last 2 coats of bottom paint
- Insert garboard drain plug w/Loctite, a big wrench & bottom paint over it
- Move all jack stands & sand/paint those spots
Final tap & tighten shaft zincs
Make/stow 2”x 6”x 6’ fender board
Support boards for fuel jugs on cap rails
Decals on outboard
Dinghy floorboards – epoxy edges to seal & prime, paint white
Top off propane tanks
Top off fuel jugs, including gasoline
Move dock box stuff aboard
Get the vice & owl off the workbench.
Paint underside of keel
Install masthead tri-color
Wayne - weather cloth, reversible
Move Autohelm 3000 motor aft ¼ to 5/16”
Re-mount shroud cleats
Plug bike tubes
Make up lock cables for dinghy & outboard
Final outboard motor repairs
Fix leak in deckwash pump
Shift wi-fi antenna inside shroud & tape top
Shackle an anchor chain pennant line onto stem eyebolt for that purpose
Replace steering wheel shaft retainer spring clip with slightly larger size
Final outboard motor repairs
Spray graphite on mainsail mast track
Anti-fouling paint on inflatable dinghy
Canvas Shop:
- Replace broken snaps on cockpit shade panel and filler piece
- Patch/protect chafed areas along after edge of boom awning and forward end of mainsail cover
Remove/re-bed/remount forward starboard boarding gate stanchion
Staysail stay and halyard rig
Service & mount staysail halyard winch
Mount staysail sheet cleats on port & starboard cockpit combings
Cover cockpit console tabletop with non-skid epoxy-coated panel
Replace/relocate port cockpit combing genoa roller furling pennant cleat
Mounted staysail sheet block pad eyes & blocks
Mounted life raft cradle & life raft
Rig mainsail deep reef lines
Rig mizzen preventer
Install staysail running backstays
Install CPT autopilot (remove old Autohelm 3000)
Set up windvane tiller pilot
Canvas Shop:
- Re-stitch & small-patch entire bimini
- Replace broken snaps as needed
Rebuilt busted whisker pole
Life Raft/Abandon Kit in cockpit locker
Final-tune rigging
Cotter-pin & tape turnbuckles (incl. triadic)
Raise radar reflector
Set up jack lines
Check all scupper thru-hulls for leaks at the elbows when heeled over.
Rig main boom preventer
Replace broken wind generator blades
Patch mainsail (Davina)
Remove tape from forward vent (Davina)
Longer reef points on mainsail (Davina)
Re-bolt Harken base fitting
Nicro-press Shaft-Lok cable
Freshwater rinse bimini & connector windows, all deck ss
Wash decks & cockpit
New CPT belt
Machine shop: drill new CPT wheel pulley
Clamp/cut/finish tiller pilot / windvane cables
Turks head on steering wheel mid-point
Re-run main topping lift thru block & forward along boom.
Shackle hard-wire topping lift to boom end
Patch leak in red kayak tube & re-pack
Cut/whip deck securing lines for windvane rudder
Re-secure Auto-Helm cable clip at trim tab wing using lock nuts
Grease Harken bearings
(Stopped recording repairs for a while)
Wire-wrap split sections of Auto-Helm steering cables
Set up telescoping whisker pole on mast
Rebuilt broken Air-X wind generator
Bought SCUBA tank, regulator, BC, etc
Scuba tank tested & re-certified
Patches on deck awning
Remove / re-secure loose Air-X blade; remount
Install new wifi antenna & router
Re-stitch mainsail cover zipper & patch lazy jack chafe
New port zipper on dodger center window
Re-bed inboard forward life raft mount
Re-bed/repair coachhouse (aft) brow strips
Siphon diesel from all 4 yellow jugs
Make/mount new rail boards for fuel jugs
- Clean on beach
- Replace drain valve & oarlocks
- transom yoke to hoist w/ob on it
- towing yoke
- Re-secure forward hoist strap
Replace shaft zincs / clean bottom
Patch torn mainsail near reef clew cringle
Replace broken mainsail mast track & boom track slide cars
Patch center bimini top chafe from mizzen boom
Tighten CPT Autopilot belt
Canvas Shop:
- Repair torn deck awning
- Repair torn dinghy lift strap
Replace missing windvane trimtab yoke bolts
New mizzen running backstay lines
Remove SGC-230
New cap nut on foredeck hawse pipe & Ospho foredeck
Re-run anchor chain snubber for quick release
Mark primary anchor chain lengths with colored tie-wraps
Wilson: scrub & oil exterior teak 9/30/10
Clean/repaint dinghy bottom w/Petit 1841
Remove genoa for repair
Clean/whip genoa sheet ends
Replace outboard motor impeller (Sunny)
Touch-up boot stripe, port forward
Lobo sailmaker:
Re-build genoa leech/sun cover
Re-stitch genoa luff boltrope at head
*Get Sunbrella back from him!
Wash/wax hull topsides & decks
Clean bottom before leaving marina
Dump water out of port dinghy pontoon
Maria (Rana Azul) re-stitch torn awning
Replace rusted clip ring on steering wheel, then cover with grease and protection.
Erika/Lobo Canvas: Re-stitch big awning with UV thread. Move rain-catcher connects aft
Replace Auto-Helm windvane’s rudder post bearings
Remove old prop shaft zincs. Install one new zinc
Fix stern running light on mizzenmast
Spray graphite mizzen & mainmast tracks
Remove/re-mount (thru-bolt) broken galley faucet
Replace lost mizzen sail's lower batten

GCSM Boat Yard Work List – Spring 2011
At Mooring:
Top off fuel tank
Remove/seal coachhouse brow
Rinse/dry/remove/fold/stow sails & dodger
All Sunbrella in for re-stitching
Covers on winches & compass
Remove Auto-Helm airvane
Inflatable – clean/roll/store
Remove/clean/stow CPT autopilot
Remove/stow all deck gear
Clean/Ospho/grease dinghy locks
Top off fuel tank
Seal forward hatch top
Secure board or whatever as rain visor over head porthole (to leave it open)
Rinse/dry/remove/fold/stow bimini, awning
Mainsail & genoa in for repair (Irish SM)
Strip bottom (incl. rudder post boot) (Dave)
Wash/compound hull (Morgan)
Clean windvane rust stains
Clean prop shaft & strut
Clean all fenders
Wax hull
Outboard motor – flush/new wires/new plugs/spray for storage
Service Honda generator
Rinse/dry/remove/fold/stow bimini, awning, etc
Stow life raft belowdecks
Lock cockpit locker hatches

Boat Yard Work List – Fall 2011

Post signs around yard for another 425 lbs of chain/anchors to be re-galvanized
Recondition/polish prop
Check shaft on lathe & clean
Re-galvanize chain & CQR
Bend on canvas (bimini, etc.)
Install new cutlass bearing
Remove/clean thru-hull bronze cover fittings, clean out thru-hull entries
Epoxy-fill thru-hull bronze cover fittings screw holes for re-drilling
Clean/sand bottom fittings, etc & tape off in prep for barrier coat
Install shaft & zincs
Rinse Manta anchor chain
Paint all underwater bronze with zinc
Bottom Prep:
Sand off zinc overspray
Tape over zinc-coated bronze
Leave garboard drain plug clear for epoxy
Get replacement stainless steel garboard drain plug & use lanolin for installing
Find/re-bed port salon leak (starboard upper chain plate deck plate)
Pre-stir bottom paint & assemble bottom-painting materials
Dorothy Canvas: +1-904-304-8523
- Final re-stitching on bimini
- Fix horseshoe strap
- Replace broken snap on dodger & re-stitch entire
- Sunbrella slip covers for settees
- Re-stitch Dodger Again!
Bottom Dave:
Fair waterline for 12”
Fill blisters (& roughest bare spots)
Wash bottom, wash keel below galley sink drain!
Epoxy bottom
First coat anti-fouling paint

Total Bottom Paint: 5 gal = 2-2/3 (2-4) coats
Sand keel bottom, then anti-foul:
1st coat: windvane rudder, inside t-hulls, engine & seawater manifold intake t-hull screens
1st coat: between main rudder & skeg, keel bottom; 2nd coat overall
3rd coat: waterline, forward edge of keel & windvane rudder
Peel all blue tape
Re-mount engine & seawater manifold intake t-hull screens
Move all jack stands & Dave will sand/epoxy those spots
Anti-foul jack stand spots, 2 coats

Patch inflatable on dinghy floor below/aft of port oarlock, re-do old patch
Replace both anchor rollers
Green paint:
- Tape, sand & wipe down cove & boot stripe top line
- Re-paint boot stripe using primer first - raise waterline 2”
Patch ‘glass & gel coat on lower stem (Charlie)
Plug cap rail screw holes at fuel jug stations
Re-bed porthole over bunk
Trim/sand new cap rail wood plugs
Re-paint inflatable dinghy, MOB horseshoe & Life-sling pack
Solar Panel mounting bar, brackets & davit mounts (Coats machine shop)
Remove port davit & drill solar panel wire entry/exit holes
Paint dinghy numbers in orange
Pre-wire & re-mount port davit
Hang solar panel
Test-run outboard motor
Clean generator carburetor & test-run
Paint dinghy floorboards (2 coats primer + 2 coats Rustoleum Marine w/UV)
Clean/oil deck teak
Install bearing sleeve in top of windvane rudder shaft
New shackle for Manta anchor
Assemble dinghy, incl. oars
Re-install repaired windvane rudder post
Return JB’s scaffolds & plank
Wash decks & cockpit; Wax smooth gel coat areas – Renee
Set up dock lines & fenders
Label all fenders with “Silverheels”
Cut/fit fender covers
Top off water tanks/jugs
Mainsail & genoa from Irish Sail Lady (Linda)
Stow main boom deck awning
Paint underside of keel & use up the last of the bottom paint
Post-Launch, at pier:
Test-run engine & gears
Make 2x4 stanchion spacers for fuel jug lashing
Launch dinghy & outboard
Bend on genoa & sheets, mainsail & cover & lazy jacks
Check all running & deck lights
Tie-wrap length markers on CQR chain
Rope to chain splice on both anchor chains
At Mooring:
Install Shaft-Lok’s new locking spring adjustment screw cap
Mainsail battens: two (2) 29” x 2” and one (1) 32” x 2” Linda & Tom: +1-904-377-0527 = $30
Write return info on dinghy
Make/install 2x4 spacers for fuel jug lashing station & lash fuel jugs

Final GCSM Dockside
Tighten autopilot belt
Acrylic disc to seal forward hatch top
Re-install wind generator
New black tie-wraps on 3 uppermost SSB wire stand-offs
New battens in mainsail & stitch pockets closed on main AND mizzen
Re-bed stanchion over head locker leak
Vaseline all snaps
Stow outboard on rail, run dry
Replace spring in generator electronic ignition
New zip-wraps & tape on main spreader boots
Spray sail tracks with dry graphite
Dinghy patches
Clean/dry/stow dinghy

In the DR
Replace generator starter cord
Patch dinghy tube leak
New tie wraps on forward running light
Cut out chafing section of roller furling drum cover
Re-bed dodger top forward edge
Service washdown deck connection
Tighten up lazy jacks
Tighten dinghy bow strap line aft
Graphite spray mizzen track
Service autopilot shaft assembly
Foredeck hole for chain pyramid stick
Re-putty GPS wire deck entry
Center CPT wheel sprocket & tighten bolts
Close holding tank pump-out seacock
Re-secure radar reflector
Reeve new port flag halyard
Remove/clean generator carburetor
Patch 2 small tears on mainsail
Adjust lazy jacks

Remove Auto-Helm airvane
Rinse sails with freshwater
Covers on winches & compass
Empty fuel jugs into fuel tank
Re-seal mainmast deck plate w/Boat Life
Remove/fold sails & covers
Label/hang jib sheets, etc
Remove/clean/stow CPT autopilot
Deliver sails to (Linda/Tom)
Irish Sail Lady:
- genoa: chafe patch on torn leach sun cover
- main: chafe patches at spreader lines, etc. All new track cars, mast & boom
- mizzen staysail: patch holes in mid-section
- patch sail bag
- stitch seam on Bahamian flag
Clean windvane rust stains
Fabricate stainless steel L-brackets for fuel jug standoff blocks
Cut/paint/mount new fuel jug standoff blocks
Install new gaskets on all skylight hatches
Install new windlass parts
Clean generator carburetor & tank
Tighten rudder post packing gland
Grease steering cables
Repair binnacle compass mount (fixed nut)
Clean compass globe
Pre-Haulout, dockside
Take down wind generator blades for the summer & cap unit shaft face
Lift outboard & dinghy
Flush outboard cooling with freshwater
Boat Yard Work List – Spring 2012
Jerry - grind back crack in bottom of keel to dry out over the summer
Top off fuel tank from jerry jugs
Rinse/dry/stow snorkel gear
Inflatable – disassemble/clean/store
Outboard motor – spray for storage/clean carburetor
Wash & cover solar panel
Top off heater fuel tank
Wash/dry salon slip covers
Rinse & dry chain & rode / clean chain locker
Wash/dry/patch/waterproof car roof
Add washers to windvane trimtab shaft & tighten mount bolts
Compass: refill fluid & remount
Rinse/dry/remove/stow dodger
Wash/dry/stow cockpit cushions
Generator rebuild – Cole
Plug screw holes in cockpit tabletop & fill surface gaps
Buff/wax car hood
Remove/stow all deck gear
New van registration
Paint/non-skid cockpit tabletop center
Remove bimini, filler piece & awning & leave with Dorothy after noon
Lower mizzen boom: topping lift & running backs moved forward for the travelift
Cockpit tabletop: vacuum loose sand & paint final coat with disposable brush
Leaving (storing boat for summer)
Car: Sta-Bil, top off gas, cover/block/store
Rain shade over head porthole
Lock cockpit locker hatches
Propane off
Retrieve/stow water hoses & shore power cord

Boat Yard Work List – Fall 2012
Jerry: Fiberglass/epoxy barrier coat keel bottom
Move boat and re-block to finish ‘glassing & barrier coating keel shoe
Retrieve rebuilt generator from Cole
Install garboard drain plug
Uncover solar panel
Retrieve bimini & filler piece from canvas shop
Vaseline all snaps
Bend on bimini, filler piece and dodger
Sand boot stripe
Wash & wax hull
Paint boot stripe
Scrub bottom in prep for new bottom paint
Retrieve sails from sail loft:
- genoa: chafe patch on torn leach sun cover
- main: chafe patches at spreader lines, etc. All new track cars, mast & boom
- mizzen staysail: patch holes in mid-section
- patch sail bag
- stitch seam on Bahamian flag
New shaft zincs
2 coats bottom paint = 3 gal.
Inflate dinghy
Test-run outboard motor
Hang dinghy in davits
Sweep decks
Bend on mainsail & cover & lazy jacks
Move all jack stands & anti-foul those spots, 2 coats
Set up dock lines & fenders
Anti-fouling on keel bottom
Test-run engine & gears
Top off water tanks/jugs
Wash decks

Fill fuel jugs + Biobor
Final LPG tank inspected/filled
Scrub small LPG locker (aft/port)
Ospho/prime/paint regulator bracket in small LPG locker
Scrub & oil teak rail at spare fuel jugs location
Cockpit cushions out
Move foremost furling line lead forward
Replace/remount SSB wire stand-offs w/double tie-wraps
Lash spare fuel jugs at rail
Bend on genoa & sheets
Re-secure upper 3 SSB wire stand-offs w/double 11” tie-wraps
Re-install wind generator blades & hub
Check running and deck lights
Tape/prime/paint new coachhouse stripes
Cut awning’s PVC battens in half & make dowel joints

Dodger to Dorothy for zipper repair
Patch dinghy leaks
Make foredeck rain catcher (Jay's guy)
New sails, Irish Sail Lady: genoa, staysail, mainsail, mizzen sail.
Set (aim) port spreader light, bed to hold
2nd black tie-wrap on starboard spreader light wire
Pad/wrap wifi antenna bracket
Round off awning PVC batten ends
Design/fabricate (Coats) & install custom fairlead roller for #2 anchor chain
Bend on new staysail, mainsail & mizzen sail w/ hardware mods as necessary

Fabricate mount base for AIS GPS antenna
Mount staysail winches
Mount (4) staysail sheet block padeyes
Mount/connect AIS VHF & GPS antennas
Remove, polish & re-bed forward & galley hatch covers
Secure AIS GPS antenna
Bed AIS GPS & VHF antenna cables
Paint cockpit center console
Life raft inspection/re-certification
Thin weather stripping on console rim
Replace broken latch on cockpit tabletop
Make lever/key for tiller cover plate
Service tiller cover plate
Service whisker pole
Camp-Dry bimini top and car top
Tighten bimini top
Replace missing large washer on main boom gooseneck clevis pin

Re-attach mainsail’s #1 reefing line fitting, port side, farther aft on the boom.
Install #2 (ddep) reef line & fittings.
Install new main topping lift.

Move mizzen reef line attachment & block farther aft on the boom.

Replace mizzen sail’s top car

Re-secure starboard boarding gate

Forward hatch gasket leak?

New rope/chafe gear for big anchor

Bee's wax bimini zippers & snaps & plug snap holes

Vaseline all snaps incl weather cloth snaps

Fabricate anchor chain anti-pyramid pole

Sew top mast track car back onto mainsail

Re-install windlass "finger" for deflecting #2 chain

Bimini to canvas shop for small patching, stitching & new zipper

Winchers on 2 winches

Change generator oil

New anchor chain snubber w/chafe cover

Outboard - clean carb, change gas line connection

Clean dinghy bottom
Heater chimney top repair
Reverse mizzen gooseneck mast track
Fabricate bushings for mizzen gooseneck
Secure dodger-top solar panels
New U-bolt for solar panel stbd mount

New roller furling pennant
New roller drum chafe guard
New chafe gear on snubber.

Double-wire-tie mainsail clew shackle
Repair/adjust windvane steering cables

Clean/oil exterior teak

Cut off broken davit block eye and replace with twin shackles

Yard Stuff
Rinse/dry sails
Rinse/fold/stow staysail
Ospho deck spots
Wash cockpit cushions
Change generator oil

Cole - repair outboard motor, freshwater flush, clean carburetor

- re-cut genoa leech
- cut 1” off uppermost mainsail batten; it’s hitting the backstays.
- 2 patches on mainsail
Canvas Neil: - re-stitch dodger sheet slots

- clean/wax deck gel coat
- wash & wax generator casing
- whipstitch square-cushions' vinyl mesh covers
- clean/PlasticX lexan hatches & fuel view
- strip old paint off binnacle band
- install new foredeck shore power fitting
- sand/paint cowl (above head)
- re-paint main salon white areas
- new ss cap nuts on dodger top underside
- re-bed galley portlight
- paint port fuel tank section
- service all winches
- re-paint foredeck bulwarks
- re-bed all deck cover plates
- clean/oil exterior teak
- re-bed deck plates
- clean dodger aft edge trim
- clean lee cloths & salon slip covers
- oil interior teak
- paint dodger top
- refurbish all 3 overhead hatches
- paint cockpit tabletop

Canvas Neil
- Re-build mainsail & mizzen sail covers
- Awning: torn spine end aft torn batten pocket seams re-stitch dinghy lift strap

Coats Machine Shop
- weld anchor pyramid stick tips, including a spare
- cut flat ss centerpiece for hard bimini
- stock for bimini hatch frames

Me again:
Anchor chain: new cable tie markers, Ospho for summer storage
Paint cockpit floatation cushions
Ospho/prime/paint dinghy anchor
Re-paint outboard motor cover
Buy/install air conditioner in salon overhead hatch
Snaps for the side cockpit cushions
New bedding bead around mainmast deck plate
New hinges on cockpit engine-panel cover
Repair mainsail outhaul car cable
Replace rusty shackle, aft stbd end of main boom
New clip for upper starboard boarding gate
Replace missing port sheet track end piece
Mizzen sheet & genoa sheets
New main sheet traveler cheek block sheaves
Port cockpit locker:
- clean/Ospho fuel tank section
- wrap tank fill elbow with absorbent diaper
- stow new o/b, spare diesel jugs, & re-pack locker
Inside lazarette:
- remove manual bilge pump for repair
- inspect steering system beneath pedestal; replace missing cotter pin steering in cable sheave and attach rubber bumper on port quadrant stopper.
- Ospho/prime/paint starboard top & aft sections of fuel tank
- grease steering cables
- wrap fuel line fitting

Strip out best parts of old holding tank pump for pump rebuilds & spares
Rebuild/re-install manual bilge and holding tank pumps
Renew rope caulk lens bedding on galley & forward overhead hatches
New port davits blocks
Re-bed mainmast boot
Bigger (but not longer) port block on davits
Whipped all new-line ends: genoa & mizzen sheets and roller furling line
Make aluminum sleeve plugs for main awning battens & cut up lawn chair for spare tubes
Paint anchor chain anti-pyramid stick ends
Wash/double-Camp-Dry/stow big awning. Disassemble/stow battens; number parts
Clean/shore-store AC
Replace holding tank pump discharge valve & empty the tank
Design/build hardtop bimini (!!)
New dodger/bimini Sunbrella filler piece
New tie-wraps on bow running light
Serviced genoa wire halyard winch
Repair cap rail @ port boarding gate
Re-fit weather cloth to new bimini top
Install new Schaefer 3100 jib furler
All new chainplates
Bow running lights, new bulb
New VHF antenna
Run/connect new steaming light wire
Replace wifi antenna booster
Remove Sta-Loks from backstays & inner forestay, shorten wire & re-install terminals
Wash & CampDry bimini-dodger fill piece
Shorten backstays & inner forestay 2"

- strip, prime & paint boot stripe, 3 coats Jade Green EasyPoxy
- repaint cove stripe
- aqua-buff, wax & buff the hull topsides

- prep propeller and underwater fittings
- epoxy-fill & sand bottom pockmarks
- bottom paint

New: Batteries, Dinghy, Generator

Remove/ship windvane rudder to factory
Install new windvane cables
Install new windvane rudder & paint
Install & connect DynaPlate
Photograph rudder steering lines hole
New shaft zincs

Clean/wax smooth deck gelcoat
Clean deck teak & oil 4 coats
Remove old AC tape from center hatch
Scrub garden hose(s)

Mount new fuel jug chock blocks
Genoa adjustments (sailmaker)
Trim & chafe-guard windvane cables
Disconnect vane cable wires to avoid wear
Scarf in new port cap rail piece
Bend on mainsail & genoa
Secure deck water jugs
Stow AC at Jerry's shop
Re-mount radar reflector
New black tie-wrap on port spreader light & both spreader light wires
New inflatable dinghy;
Treat with 303 UV stuff
Put on bow lift strap
Orange-paint logos
Install heavy-duty transom lifting padeye
Launch / hoist in davits

Fill remaining diesel jugs (8 in all = 40 gal)
Test solar panel controller
Re-pack port cockpit locker
Check/clean fishing tackle box
Make 4 new SSB cable stand-offs
Fine-tune standing rigging & cotter-pin turnbuckles
Final-lash fuel jugs
Fill small LPG tank
Fill/stabilize/stow the 3 gas cans
Coats – fabricate generator exhaust pipe
Install/test repaired autopilot
Clean settee cushion covers
Clean dish rack
Wash c-way rugs
Clean white hose
2 cases wine in stbd cockpit locker

Replaced sheared Sta-Lok mount strut bolt
Realigned CPT to keep belt on when hand steering

Add 25:1 Oil to outboard’s fuel tank (for break-in period)

Open CPT plug, reverse power wires

New tie-wrap markers on anchor chain and on pushpit base for key

Wash hull
Move 2 cases of wine to port cockpit locker
Launch new o/b, begin break-in period

Fix port main traveler block
Check/tighten primary anchor rode splice

New anchor chain snubber

Lower genoa: straighten & grind down bent spool guard, tighten headstay turnbuckle, replace worn telltales.

Tighten inner forestay turnbuckle

Ospho/re-paint dinghy anchor

Set up temp mainsail #1 reef line boom attachment with some line - works well
Temp-tape torn mainsail reef point

Reverse & knot-splice main boom topping lift
Put up new flag halyards, port & starboard

Plastex fuel gauge viewing port

Plast-X hatches, compass & engine instrument gauge cover, etc.
Ospho the all deck ss
Ospho transom/vane-rudder stainless
Clean/wax cockpit gel coat
Clean/oil deck teak

Reconfigured whisker pole
Replace mainsail boom strap eyes
Strip/epoxy seal/paint aft dinghy floorboard & other floorboard edges
Re-bed/wash/waterproof mast boot
303-Protect dinghy
Canvas shop TLC: mizzen & mainsail covers, dodger, deck awning
New plastic in dodger
Mount new main topping lift boom-end pivot block
Reinforce/remount radar reflector
Paint outboard motor cover
Re-bed anti-pyramid deck fitting

Flush outboard
Reinforce/remount radar reflector
Paint outboard motor cover
Re-bed anti-pyramid deck fitting



New Yanmar 54 HP diesel engine, installed

Twin Racor fuel filters

Rebuilt engine bed & mounts

Engine gauges, not idiot lights, in cockpit

Groco raw water filter –cleaned, re-mounted, new pipe fittings & hoses

Ship’s bell

New West Marine AGM deep cycle batteries: (5) Group 31 / 105 ah house bank, (2) Group 27 / 92 ah starter and windlass

Rechargeable D-cell batteries and charger

Installed water filter under sink (*#%!!!)

Cut holes above water tanks with the jigsaw

Disassembled and cleaned diesel heater parts

Installed carbon monoxide detector

Fabricated a sleeve for the broken diesel heater control knob

Hinged engine box cover

Disassembled and inspected diesel heater filter

Installed high seas hatch board barrel bolts

Installed companionway hatch intruder barrel bolt

Painted portions of interior wood and all the mustard-colored Formica off-white

Built a mounting system for the bin under the companionway

Installed barrel bolt on hinged engine box

Cleaned and unclogged diesel heater fuel system

Fabricated hatch board stowage system

Marine-texed holes in aft cabin

Divided starboard wing of salon table

Removed shower stall porthole

Attached wood hinge mounting blocks to starboard wing of salon table with 5200 and installed locking wing hinges

Designed/fabricated house bank battery compartment under captain’s bunk

Scrubbed cabin overhead with comet cleanser

Removed bilge blower ducts, vents & fan

Removed transmission, had it rebuilt, and re-installed it.

Cleaned the hatch glass

Design/fabricate/install many plumbing upgrades

New, HD hose for shower

Repair shower nozzle (stop leaking)

Design/fabricate sea chest

Design/fabricate extensive re-plumbing, including PVC manifolds for several thru-hulls

V-berth cushions & seat cushion slip covers

Main Salon new high-density foam settee cushions, back cushions just re-covered

Aft cabin headboard re-covered

Inflatable kayak as second tender

Clean/refill water tanks
Repair drawer support at workbench

Re-charge/re-certify fire extinguishers
(GCFD for check-up?)

Install TV flat screen on hinge

Adjust AirX internal regulator for 14.6v

Rewire & remount electric bilge pump

Run radar and windlass battery cables

Clean sump & adjacent bilges

Re-route refrigeration unit power wires

Change freshwater filter elements
Crimp battery some of the cable lugs

Paint bilge sump

Manifold for electric bilge pump, watermaker and head sink discharges

Re-plumb electric bilge pump

Frame floorboard hatch under galley sink

Non-skid strips on salon c-way stairs

Mount barometer/clock set

Nav station flexible stalk halogen chart light

Bilge pump & high-water alarms

Tack hatch screen Velcro

Adjust computer table

Engine panel bilge switches warning lights

Install windlass battery (shelf & box) in forepeak

Wire new house, starting & windlass batteries

Remove old batteries

Build in VCR/DVD/flat-screen system

Tightened porthole hinge tension

Switch red 12’ 1g on Bank #2 for 2/0 red

Connect all mast wiring

Run 12-volts to woofer

Crimp battery cable lugs:
Red 12’ x 6g charger cable, (1) 3/8 dia.
Red 6g to breaker, 5/16 dia.
Black 6g to engine ground, 5/16 dia.

Run 12’ x 6g charger cable to Bank #2

Red & Black 6g at Bank #3, 3/8 + 5/16 dia.

Attach all Bank #3 cables

New florescent light in galley

Secure all fore/aft wires under cabin sole

Install Shaft-Lok

Mount & wire up radar display

Refinish nav station bulkhead

Remount & wire up Loran display

Re-mount nav station instruments

Remove/rebuild Walter V-drive (JB/Rick)

Re-cover GPS companionway wire

Re-wire main GPS (to Loran connection)

Mount new dome light over nav station

Mount/wire VHF external speaker

12v plug in nav station

Run engine, tighten V-drive/prop shaft coupling bolts

25’ Duplex 10g, panel to mast terminal
Wire mizzen masthead stern light w/disconnects & disconnect orig stern light
Clean up more of Ben’s crappy wiring

Test radar

Slide on wire padding tubes in bilges

Wipe down interior wood w/10% bleach

Shower pan electric sump system
Shower sump pump inline filter

Mount handheld GPS holder in nav station

Repair leak at water heater

Double-secure throttle cable beneath pedestal

Grease/oil steering cable sheaves

Wire-brush, Ospho, prime, paint fuel tank rust areas

New lazarette forward bulkhead

Stern anchor locker/shelf in lazarette

Line hanging bars in lazarette

Paint port shelf in lazarette

Salon hanging locker, high shelf 12” x 34”

Flush out holding tank & hoses

Repair/service holding tank Y-valve

Summer-ize Dickenson heater:
- Run fuel line empty
- Drain, flush & refill fuel tank
- Change filter element
- Clean combustion chamber

Cut off port settee cushion’s useless aft outboard corner and install fiddle to create a storage space there

Replace all water tank deck plate O-rings & lubricate the new ones

Replace old lead acid starter battery with new AGM Group 27

Run/secure deck washdown feed hose & pos. power wire

Install small compass at nav station

Install small compass by captain’s berth

Replace plywood in rotted forward starboard inboard salon overhead panel

Clean bilges (once again!)

Replace galley sink faucet plumbing & drain hose

Wire laptop to movie speakers

Remake seawater intake manifold

Plumbing Revamp

Identify & label water heater manifold hose destinations

Disconnect/remove toilet and forepeak sink hoses

Reconfigure water heater manifold

Remove holding tank, flush clean, take to welder to add ports as per re-design

Replace all water tank discharge hoses – 5/8” ID, 42’ total

Secure deck washdown feed hose & all loose wires beneath cabin sole. Clean up & secure everything else under there and remove useless crap.

Remove VacuFlush toilet & system components (accumulator tank, electric pump, etc)

Replace water heater main feed hose

Wedge/shore up cabin sole where it dips aft and to port of the mast.

Install inline T’s & short, plugged hoses for draining water tanks into bilge sump

Install wicks to make keel-top bilge drain aft

Remove old holding tank vent & deck pumpout hoses

Secure/hang wire runs starboard of sump area

Holding Tank:
Pull out tank & flush clean
add new threaded entry to upper aft starboard side
replace existing single vent hose nipple w/two ¾” FIP for two ¾” hose barbs
Plug old fwd entry hole
Install 1½”nylon hose barb in new entry port
Install (2) ¾” nylon hose barbs for ventilation hoses
Re-install holding tank with re-conditioned Y-valve
Install (2) new ¾” vent hose topsides fittings
Install (2) new ¾” Series 148 Vinyl vent hoses (13’ & 14’) = 30’ x ¾” ID
New 1½” ID S148 Vinyl hose for deck pump-out overboard pump-out, toilet to holding tank & toilet overboard
Install all new hoses with no low spots where sewage can stand

Design/fabricate/install seawater intake manifold & mounting block with inline filter for deckwash pump

Rebuild Perko raw water strainer for use with seawater manifold

Design/fabricate/install bilge mounting pad for manifold’s Perko raw water strainer

Install New Toilet on ¾” starboard pad

All new plumbing, PVC & hose

Anti-siphon loop mounted above/outboard of toilet for seawater intake

Y-Valve for toilet discharge – under sole near seawater manifold

1½”-hose anti-siphon loop high up under galley sink for toilet direct overboard discharge

Galley foot-pump freshwater/seawater Y-valve
Clean up manifolds & fittings under galley sink (larger outlet elbow on big filter!)

Spare water pressure pump

Open up dead space outboard of shower Cut opening to dead space outboard of shower & install access hatch

Refresh, re-mount shower faucet

New hose clamp on shore water connection inside port cockpit locker, w/pipe dope

Install Heart power inverter

Build custom nav station shelf for sextant

Grind off protruding screws in aft bins under V-berth

Wire inverter to house AC system
Disassemble/clean heater door

Fabricate mount for wind generator off switch & amp meter. Wire wind gen to batteries thru off switch, amp meter & breaker/fuse

Repair engine enclosure screw mount

Replace salon 12v Hella fan
Reverse wires on wind-gen amp meter

Change drinking water filters

Rewire aft cabin clock for remote battery

2nd latch for flatscreen

Double shock cord retainers on upper mid-companionway shelf

5 Acrylic panel shelf retainers

New Delco CS-130 105-amp alternator

Replace broken head door latch w/alternate

Brendan wired and Tor mounted (1) the
Xantrex smart charger and (2) the radar’s external buzzer

Change engine oil

Wired radar external buzzer on/off switch

Checked out radar, reset default heading

Hauled-Out: homemade porta-potty

Cut/install hose to rinse bilge sump

Velcro tabs under salon cushions

Velcro salon overhead hatch screen
Check water-tightness of water tanks inspection ports

Replace Shaft Lok locking nut
Replace fridge drain hose
Icebox compartment: complete insulation upgrade
Rewire compass light
Augment fastening of V-berth shelves to bulkheads fore & aft with custom stainless steel L-brackets, thru-bolted

Replaced original West Marine AGM deep cycle batteries with new: (5) Group 31 / 105 ah + (2) Group 27 / 92 ah

Compartmentalize salon electrical locker

Installed PowerSurvivor 12V watermaker

Remount aft cabin Ikea clock
Test-run/pickle watermaker

Make template for new aft bunk mattress

New aft cabin mattress!

Install (3) bunk lee cloths / tie points

St. Martin:

Replace salon light bulb

Re-bolt salon table foot (Davina)

Dow 111 salon deck hatch gasket

Clean windlass connections in chain locker

Tighten Shaft-Lok shaft coupling & adjust cable

Replaced stripped support strut on forward hatch

Cut cabin sole access hatch above ShaftLok

Mount can crusher

Mount bag holder

Change all water filters

Change engine oil & transmission fluid

Install new Shaft-Lok cable

Modify wind generator stop switch & reconnect

Replace 12v cabin fan in salon

Mount automatic antenna tuner

Installed SSB/HAM radio rig incl. tuner, counterpoise & antenna connection.

Move aft bunk lee curtain forward 8”

Repaired wind generator amp meter

Store shotgun for quick access

Tighten engine fan belt

Replaced broken cooling fan at fridge compressor. (Well, Terry replace it.)

Install new 60A battery charger, incl. all new cables

Main companionway Velcro/screen

Prime/paint dish rack

Move primary anchor rode forward
Install new handheld VHF

Cut out forepeak sink & faucet

Replace broken head faucet

Build tool storage bin under workbench counter

Scrub salon cushions clean

New, longer toilet pump handle

Install new antenna tuner

Install barrel bolt lock on main companionway

Eileen Canvas:
Slip-cover for settee bench seat cushions & Stop settee cushions from sliding
Make canvas duck slip covers (w/molas) for 2 throw-pillows
Sunbrella cover for life raft
New cover for starboard center salon backrest cushion
Bimini filler mizzenmast wrap strat + 4”
Slipcover flaps for salon backrest cushions
Sew molas onto end cushions

Ospho/prime/paint rear motor mounts

Tighten starboard rear motor mount bolt

SSB up & running and programmed

Wash saloon cushions

Repair water jug leak w/5200

Wire on head door hook

Tigthten top companionway ladder step.

Clean fridge, clean bilge

Round aft corner of port salon bunk board

& shave the top edge to a softer round.

Pickle watermaker

GCSM Boat Yard Work List – Spring 2011
Pickle watermaker
Change engine oil & transmission fluid
Set up porta-potty
Empty/clean water tanks
Repair broken teak trim in salon
Fix leak under head sink
Wash bilge sump
Clean/dry water tanks
Remove bilge sump drain plug
Remove/clean engine sea strainer
Clean/flush seawater intakes, manifold & hoses to all manifold users
Remove/clean manifold sea strainer
Screen bilge sump drain plug
Replace spring in Shaft-Lock
Change V-drive oil
Clean Raycor & change engine fuel filter
Lead shower sump to bilge / leave shower porthole open
Wrap mattress & lash on van roof rack
12v clamp-on car fan to van
Open all floorboards & lockers
Open head porthole & head door

GCSM Boat Yard Work List – Fall 2011
Clean bilge
Reconnect shower drain
Sunbrella from Sailorman (for settee slip covers)
Replace shower sump pump
Clean settee stained cushions
Secure Shaft Seal rotor w/new set screws when they arrive (compress bellows 1”)
Clean & spray-protect windlass connections
Clean chain lockers
New hinges on toilet seat
Check both GPS’
Cut new shower curtains
Install new VHF
Remove/clean/’re-install diesel heater fuel tank, line system & heater valve
Replace noisy fridge fan
Mount Blue Sky booster/controller on bulkhead aft of house battery bank
Re-weld top c-way step & others – Coats’ machine shop
Wire solar panel to house battery bank via booster/controller
Post-launch, at pier:
Burp Last-drop shaft seal to let water in
Bleed intake manifold
House cleaning
Align prop shaft coupling - Cole
Scrub, dry & stow porta-pottie
Clean SKS with Rick
Make hanger latch to store SKS
Grind off bracket sharp edge above Shaft-Lok
New O-rings in galley faucet
12 more boxes ammo for SKS

New wire terminals at windlass control box
Wind generator, new switch
Repair leaky galley foot pump faucet
New long/short pins set in Shaft Lok
Barrel bolt (inside) and new magnet on
head door
New shelf retainer cords by salon c-way
Service small porthole gasket in salon
Re-wire electric bilge pump
Re-finish/clean/oil 12-gauge
Grease steering cable at port outboard pulley
Cleaned starboard Raycor fuel filter + new filter element.
Fabricated/installed lock bar on aft outboard locker over aft cabin bunk, as a gun locker.

Dry forward water tank
Straighten up forward hanging locker
Clean hand grinder under stove
Pickle watermaker
Re-do wind generator switch with copper in place of the stainless steel
Remove/give-away Heart inverter
Pull Shaft-Lok long pin & photograph
Clean/Ospho/grease dinghy locks
- clean both pin tubes with a clean, dry white cloth
- photograph the disc for Ken.
- send Ken both broken pin sets, numbered 1 and 2.
Mount new inverter
Wire new inverter
Move inverter 1” outboard for nav stool
New face glass for barometer
Clean #2 Raycor
Install on/off switch for mizzen-head stern light
Pre-Haulout, dockside
Change engine oil & transmission fluid
Change engine fuel filter
Change V-drive oil (& clean magnetic plugs) – took ½ quart Castrol HD SAE 30 oil
Change engine anti-freeze
Assemble dry-dock toilet
Boat Yard Work List – Spring 2012
Open sump drain plug & screen it
Wash bilge sump & bilge pumps
Clean/flush seawater intake manifold
Remove/clean engine sea strainer
Remove/clean manifold sea strainer
Clean/dry water tanks
Clean/Ospho/repair stove burners
Wash shower curtain
General housecleaning
Empty/clean fridge/freezer
Clean shower sump filter
Rugs & everything else off of cabin sole for Jerry
Leaving (storing boat for summer)
Solar vent on
Shut off house bank & windlass batteries
Lead shower sump to bilge / leave shower porthole open
Close curtains
Panel switches off
Wifi antenna off
Trash out
Lock portholes, hatches & companionways

Boat Yard Work List – Fall 2012
Jerry: Refinish cabin sole
Jack up, level & secure salon sole
to port of mast
Re-connect shower sump hose
Renew Documentation
Plug water tank drain hoses
Post-Launch, at pier
Burp Last-drop shaft seal to let water in
Bleed seawater intake manifold
Scrub, dry & stow porta-pottie
Wash salon slip covers & knot rug
Clean/paint stove grills
Check engine fluid levels, incl. anti-freeze!
Install new Shaft-Lok long pin set
Repair/rebuild (3) ship’s clocks
Install clock in forward cabin
Clean/oil firearms
Refurbish pressure cooker
Repair/replace 2 interior lights
Make new handle for spare Y-valve
Repair oven pilot light tube connection &
3rd stovetop burner

Mount/hook-up new Magellan GPS Relocate/hook-up old Magellan GPS

Make HD cable for wind generator panel to
carry incoming voltage past bar switch.

Install AIS
Re-mount wind generator panel in engine compartment
Secure ditch bag for rolling
Pad head door hook
Order mail order provisions/supplies
Paint galley baseboards
Fit salon settee backrest lash lines
Remove V-drive, ship to Walter for rebuild
Brace up Shaft-Lok floorboard cutout
Clean/Ospho V-drive bolts, etc.
Prep/paint V-drive mounting plates
Test AIS
Test SSB for Chris Parker
Re-install V-drive with Cole
Install new Shaft-Lok control cable
Install new Shaft-Lok with Cole

Drain & rinse starboard water tank

Sewing: fender cover, Q-flag

Lok-Tite the Shaft-Lok set screws, then tighten hose clamp with ratchet

Load-test all batteries

Rebuild toilet intake valve assembly
Pickle watermaker

Free-up/fix aft cabin porthole screen latches

New analog engine hour meter

Clean bilge sump

Rebuild toilet pump, part II

Repair, re-mount & thru-bolt bunk-head bookshelf

Suction-clean water tanks (partial)

Tighten engine fan belt

Cole: Plane down knife rack face 1/4"

- re-paint main salon white-painted areas
- remove/strip/re-paint starboard tables
- re-paint forward cabin white-painted areas
- clean/bleach/non-skid/urethane salon companionway ladders
- paint top of engine cover top
- paint salon port & starboard bulkheads
- bimini: trim, new ss cap nuts
- new Velcro hooks strips for all salon settee backrest cushions
- re-paint fuel tank, port area
- clean/oil head teak, use Urethane beneath shower porthole
- clean/bleach/oil all interior teak
- top coat of floor urethane on salon companionway ladder step tops
- aft cabin : clean/oil teak & fresh paint
- scrape off entry rug rubber
- paint inside of main companionway hatch
- re-finish cabin sole, 2 coats
- clean/bleach/non-skid/urethane main companionway ladder
- comet-clean & wax shower stall
- wash bunk lee cloths & salon slip covers

Launder wash/launder settee slipcovers
Mount new nav station clock
Pull out stove, clean underneath
Positive latches on nav table drawers
Fix aft bunk reading-light switch
Drain/clean/dry water tanks for summer
Positive latches on aft cabin clothing drawers
Wire brush/ospho/Heat-paint stove grills

Install new fridge unit including new 10/12 AWG wiring
Installed new shower; faucet, nozzle & holder
JB Weld broken pieces at galley hatch and nav station stool base
Installed springs on galley and forward hatches
Replaced broken barometer glass w/plexiglass
Cleaned engine, replaced 2 hose clamps
New O-rings/washers in head sink faucet
Clean/oil gun surfaces
Installed new, larger microwave oven
Made 3' HD extension cord for microwave
Install new head sink faucet & quick-connect plumbing fittings
Install ball valve in heater tank drain for flushing
Clean out head sink drain hose
CanvasNeil: proper ice box foam-top insert

Clean inside of galley faucet, tighten
Re-Biocide S-06 & PS40 watermakers

Coats: Re-weld c-way ladder bottom step,
Fabricate new nav station stool base.

Clean cabin heater, drain fuel tank, heat-paint internal parts & tape filter housing label

Convert interior lights to (mostly) LED

Have AIS repaired by factory

Clean out galley sink drain elbow
Service all seacocks & both sea strainers
PSS Shaft Seal: new hose clamps
Hose clamp on prop shaft forward of PSS bushing in case set screws slip
Wire Dynaplate & copper strap to tuner + Dynaplate to engine block

Clean stove burners & fix #3 burner valve
Inventory for provisioning
Clean/free up/tighten rudder shaft stuffing box
Cut/install FRP for fwd c-way ladder base
Back up main computer & switch to Acer
Stow provisions. Oy!
Program AIS

Set up BTC cell phone hotspot

Adjust/secure engine alternator mount

Replace broken Shaft-Lok pin
& order new spare

Make up HD extension cord for generator

Weatherfax to laptop

Repair aft porthole screen latch
Re-align Shaft-Lok
Change engine oil, transmission fluid
Tighten fan belt
Ospho/re-paint dinghy anchor

Fix fridge hatch finger-pull
Fix stopper panel flange underneath the mid-ship companionway

Install new electric bilge pump + new float switch

Oil interior teak
Wash dish rack
Clean/wax shower stall
Windex portholes inside & out

Rebuild toilet discharge pump
Install new Shaft-Lok cable
Clean water tanks
Pickle Watermaker
Change engine oil
Replace forward stove burner


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